Flash.Net: Dynamic Content for Designers with Flash Remoting Mx and ASP.NET
Flash.Net: Dynamic Content for Designers with Flash Remoting Mx and ASP.NET By Pallav Nadhani, etc.
2002 | 330 Pages | ISBN: 1590591674 | PDF | 30 MB

Flash.NET is the book which is your ticket to the future of application design. Two cutting-edge technologies, joined in union to provide the perfect marriage. Macromedia Flash MX really excels when it comes to presenting graphical, interactive content. It's a superb tool for building user interfaces and for presenting content that changes over time. Microsoft's .NET Framework is a suite of tools for building powerful applications, both on and off the Web. Put them together, and a whole raft of new possibilities opens up for both: powerful logic and functionality with a rich, flexible interface on the front. Put them together, and you get Flash.NET. In this book, a team of expert designers and developers show you the basics of adding dynamic .NET content and turbo-charged server-side functionality to your Flash MX projects. In short, you need this book if you're a Flash designer who doesn't want to get left behind when all the cool people have started utilizing the power of .NET with their applications. The book also covers Macromedia Flash Remoting MX.

This book is for readers who are looking to integrate their Flash movies with a .NET enabled back-end. It assumes no prior knowledge of server side technologies but does require a knowledge of Flash MX and ActionScript.

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