Sound Ideas - Universal Studios Sound Effects Library (MP3) | 461 MB

Universal Studios, in collaboration with Sound Ideas, first made available, an amazing collection on 5 CDs. This - classic sound files of the most famous films, and even those who only will be presented in the future - directly from Universal Studios. This collection is a perfect material to work with sound in the studio or on a home computer.


  • US 01 - CD1: Single Prop Airplanes, Biplanes, Triplanes, Twin Prop Airplanes, Four Engine Airplanes, Eight Engine Airplanes, Airport Ambience
  • US 02 - CD2: Aviation, Animals, Avalanches, Human Bodyfalls, Boxing, Comedy, Crashes
  • US 03 - CD3: Doors, Electricity, Explosions, Fires, Human Hits, Horns, Knife Throws, Metal Hits, Face Punches, Space Doors, Space Gun Shots, Space Ships, Swords, Telegraphs, Underwater Sounds, Volcanos, Werewolves, Whips
  • US 04 - CD4: Grenades, Military Cannons, Rockets, Whistle Bombs, Explosions, Depth Charges, Torpedoes, Submarines, Tanks, Swords, Sword Fights, Marching, Hand Guns, Muskets, Rifles, Ricochets, machine Guns, Military Battles
  • US 05 - CD5: Steam Trains, Indians, Western Battles, Stagecoaches, Horses Walking, Horses Trotting, Horses Cantering, Horses Galloping, Cavalry Horses


Sound Ideas - Universal Studios Sound Effects Library

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