3DMotive - Advanced C# in Unity 5, Volume 1-5 | 2.7 GB


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  • Learn how to create believable game worlds and behaviours by scripting gameplay in C#. In this comprehensive 3DMotive course targeted at intermediate users, instructor Alan Thorn demonstrates advanced C# scripting technqiues and their undelying concepts for solving real-world development problems. Understand core mathematical ideas, like Vectors and Quaternions, for making objects move, rotate and change predictably. See how to apply C# for implementing line of sight functionality, artificial intelligence, collision detection and lots more. In addition, see how to work with large amounts of data, how to understand coordinate systems and spatial problems, and how to customize the Unity editor to work the way you need it to. By the end of this course you'll have established a highly valuable foundation for coding confidently with C# to develop sophisticated games that are impressive and marketable


Advanced C# in Unity 5, Volume 1-5 FULL!

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