Vilppu Studio – Head Anatomy Vilppu Studio – Head Anatomy| 3CDs | 2 GB

The instructional DVDs are actual lectures, many of which were done as part of my regular classes. Demonstration tapes are not lectures but demonstrations with the camera following every action. These demonstrations are exactly what I give the students as were many of the drawings on the drawing pages of this web site. The DVD’s are higher resolution than the video tapes and include extra features such as:  

Drawings by Glenn Vilppu and Models to draw from. Extra features will vary from DVD to DVD.


Head Anatomy and Construction #1 – Contains general Lecture, drawings, skulls and models to draw.

Head Anatomy and Construction #2 – Contains Eyes and Nose lecture, drawings, and model to draw.

Head Anatomy and Construction #3 – Contains Mouth and Ears lecture, drawings and model to draw.





Vilppu Studio - Head Anatomy

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